Experience The Holidays

Posted on: Maret 17, 2012


Holidays have arrived, it means I go to my hometown in Bandung. It was tired of having to return to Bandung, to imagine a distant journey. But then the tiredness will go away if I had arrived in his hometown.

Although there but very pleasant village. There is not much to go out of my house, or visiting the tourist attractions. Many of my relatives who visit. The days are great fun when I was near the back with my family, after a long separation due to their busy college.

Not many things I did there because I use vacation time to a total break from the bustle there. Bit of the boredom that comes over, but it all broke because of laughter from my nieces and nephews are adorable.

I was there just a lot to do homework. Sorry but even so the holiday instead of Servants, but never mind it was counted to help parents,, hehehe

Still at home three weeks makes me bored, too, want to go back to Depok. But I think rather than go to a better depok I create a show with high school friends. We get together just to eat together and then take off miss, a supportive atmosphere even though we only eat rice in banana leaves liwet a repose and a simple side dish.

There was nothing of this holiday is to pay to enjoy a day off, pretty fun though unlike others rollicking been to places that offer a variety of fun attractions.

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